ISKCON Phoenix is happy to introduce Self-Discovery (Bhakti Vriksha) programs for our community.  These are weekly home programs conducted on Fridays from 7 PM to 9 PM or Saturdays from 6 PM to 8 PM.  These informal gatherings are intended to help discover the timeless knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and learn the art of Bhakti Yoga in a warm, welcoming, and peaceful atmosphere with friends and family.  The program consists of ice breaker, kirtan, spiritual discussion focusing on it’s practical application in our day-to-day life, mantra meditation and delicious dinner prasadam.  We also conduct a simultaneous session for children where they are engaged in creative games, stories, singing and lots of fun filled devotional activities while the parents are participating in the program.

At these Self-Discovery gatherings you will meet many like-minded, growth-oriented people like yourself, and likely make many new friends and contacts. This will not only bond you socially, but also enriches you on a deeper level culturally and spiritually.  The small casual get-togethers help you to get answers to your questions without feeling shy or intimidated.   Members attend program based on their geographic location.  Each group consists of about 5-6 families (approximately 15 members) and is facilitated by a servant leader and an associate servant leader. The group members meet once a week at home and stay connected through out the week to inspire each other in their spiritual journey as well as encourage new participants to join and explore Krishna Consciousness.  Once the group exceeds 15 members, it multiplies into two and each group continues to grow independently thus harboring a culture of caring for people, empowerment and expansion.  The members come together at the temple on Sundays and various festivals and serve Their Lordships together as a family.

These programs have become very popular in the congregation and we have extremely positive reviews from all the participants.   With a humble beginning in June 2017 and we have currently grown to 6 groups in various locations in Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee and North Phoenix and Tempe.

Please do not miss this wonderful opportunity to grow spiritually by connecting yourself with one of the groups closest to your location.  You may contact the following devotees for additional information:


Sri Govinda das: (281)799-1777 (All locations)

Isvara Gauranga das: (480)519-3975 (Chandler/Gilbert)

NamaPridya devi dasi: (480)299-4074 (Chandler/Gilbert)

Kevala Bhakti das: (201)312-5987 (Chandler/Ahwatukee/Tempe)

Ashish Khurchania (203)546-0673 (Chandler)

Umesh Papadkar (480)219-7925 (Chandler)

Prawin Sahu (602)363-4424 (Chandler)

Vamsheeraj Gunturu (480)398-5134 (Chandler)

Raghupathi Puncha (714)724-6666 (Chandler)

Bharadhwaj Balasubramaniam (585)520-3261 (Chandler/Ahwatukee)

Manoranjan Swain (425)324-7556 (N Phoenix/Scottsdale)

Mathura Vallabh Govinda das (510)833-8511 (Tempe)

Ananta Chaitanya das (480)410-2491 (Tempe)